Thursday, 28 January 2010


Today a paper has been published by messrs. Benton, Johnson, Kearns, Orr, Wang, Xu, Zhang and Zhou ( go to ) on the presence and effect of melanosomes in fossilized feather structures of theropod dinoaurs and birds from China's Jehol deposits. A drawing was required to illustrate the article and this is what we came up with, Sinosauropteryx in the colours it probably wore in life


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  1. Dear Jim Robins,
    I admired your palaeo-art when I was a kid. As a young adolenscent interested in palaeontology and art I've appreciated the style of your pastel (fine) colours and subtle stroke. A unique and unmistakable style! Now I discover your own blog with a touching melancholy that refers to my past. Looking forward to seeing your remarkable artwork!
    If you are interested in dinosaurian palaeontology and geomythology I have my own blog: See you there!
    [Many thanx to Andrea "Theropoda" Cau for sharing the knowledge of this wonderful site!]